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analytical chemist
Antalya, Antalya


GH. SAWSSEN Hakkında:

Resourceful research Chemist with a small experiment in the scientific field. Ambitious to learn more from experience and expertise. Improve the ability and capability to developing new products by in conducting in-depth research and lab testing. Expert in researching and comprehending articles information, references literature and scientific data. Initiative proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in levering and knowledge to promote


  • SEPT 2021-MAI 2023: Training /chemist in Akdeniz University TURKEY 

Fabrication of nanofibers using electrospinning method / Fabrication of enzymatic biosensors base onto nanofibers / Glucose biosensors and urea biosensors / Using gold nanoparticles for the development of biosensors. Conducting, semi and no - conducting polymer / İvium and Gamry materials . pH/ Potential/ enzyme/ cross-linked agent optimization/ sensitivity /LOD/ kmax/ Imax/ chronoamperometric analysis.

  • JAN 2018-AUG 2018: Chemistry teacher in private school TUNISIA :

Proactively participated in meetings and helped create new practices. Extra scholars Scientifics activities / Giving general chemistry lessons for secondary classes pupils. 

  • JAN 2017-DEC 2017: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANCE at Mediterranean Publishing House  TUNISIA :

Managed and tracked travel, meeting and conference expenses. Participated in weekly leadership team meetings as well as generated agendas, recorded minutes, followed up on action items. Performed research, responsible for quarterly planning and logistics management and created press kits and media coverage reports. Developed and updated media contact lists and handled special projects as assigned. Produced and edited presentations, marketing reports, client proposals and correspondence.

  • SEPT 2014-DESC 2016 :  Master Training /chemist in FST TUNISIA 

Nitrate  / ATD/ATS, DSC, ATG  / Binary and tertiary phase diagram/ Enthalpy - entropy - eutectic - line monovariant/ variances ..Provided chemical analysis of natural and synthetic samples as required.

  • JAN 2009-AUG 2014 :Member in AJST in chemistry and biology laboratory  :

Extra scholars Scientifics activities / prepare scientific camping for the participant 7- 18 years old. Seminers / training - internship  / Association life / adventure- discovering  /computations ..


  • 2010-2013 Bachelor degree in chemistry 

( general chemistry /pH / Titration/ Tampon solution/ colorimetric…

  • 2014-2016 Master degree in Analytical chemistry 

( separation methods/ validation technics/ fisher analyses / potentiometric/ voltammetry/MS-HPLC /GC /Atomic , molecular fluorescence spectroscopy ..

  • 2023: Exports - imports and searching for commercial markets training: young MUSIAD Antalya TURKEY (2023)
  • 2023: Naturel cosmetic product and formulation training: TEAK (2023)
  • 2020: Project management training : Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related(2020)


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