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2 months ago

Post from damla nakliyat

damla nakliyat · The characteristics and structure of each region of our country (Turkey) difference from each other. It is not wrong to say that the geographical conditions, lifestyle, socio-economic and urban structure of a city are important items that determine the logistics activities of the ...

5 months ago
Ayran İPaaS A

Post from Ayran İPaaS

Ayran İPaaS · integration platform as a service · Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Software | Ayran · Ayran is an iPaaS. Ayran provides an integration platform for connecting APIs, on-premises and cloud applications. · https://www.ayran.io/

4 months ago

Post from Homega Turkey

Homega Turkey · https://homegaturkey.com/correct-time-for-investment-in-turkey/ · Turkey is one of the affordable-for-all markets in the world right now. Every corner of this country is filled with architectural beauty – visiting here is a universal bliss and living here is a lifetime luxury. 

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